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Internet Spends to Increaase

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US Online Adspend Will Overtake Newspapers by 2008
Carat International's latest Global Market Update predicts that online adspend in the USA will overtake the newspaper sector by next year.

Comments Robert Lerwill, ceo of Carat parent Aegis Group: "Digital is driving growth in almost every single market, transforming the marketing landscape in the process. Investment in digital media has now definitively moved from 'experimental' to 'essential'."

The rise and rise of the once derided advertising medium continues apace. In the UK, it overtook outdoor advertising in 2005 and will outpace magazines this year. In ultra-tech-savvy nations such as Sweden and South Korea, online is set to become the third largest ad medium after TV and newspapers this year.

Among traditional media, Carat reports that TV still rules the roost, especially in the USA where TV spend is heading for 4.3% growth this year, boosted by cable …