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Digital Marketing - 2012

One good thing about writing about future trends is that no one has been there. If you are wrong, nobody notices; and if you are right, you could tom-tom about it, saying, ‘I said so…’

So, here I go with my 4 safe bets for the year::
1) Facebook will become more Google
2) Google will become more Facebook
3) Year of engagement (likeable and shareable)
4) Convergence – One content, many formats

Facebook will become more Google:

Even today, advertisement revenues happen to be lifeline for most online platforms. The success of the Google PPC campaigns is based on the ability to place preferred advertisement, with high relevancy. This Google business model hinges on its algorithm. Be it the ubiquitous search results or their adwords, it all is possible because of the logic that is build basis the data.
Advertising on Facebook has so far been on the basis of the user profile. But, unlike the profile, which becomes mostly static (as most people do not update it after creating it)…. The use…