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The Avatars on Twitter

The idea of communicating under 140 characters would have made the ancient Spartans proud. When Twitter started off, I was skeptical how could something so inane survive.. It was neither as personal as a SMS, nor as captivating as Facebook (when accessing through computers), or as descriptive as a blog... But 6 years later (i joined Twitter around 2007), and with over half a billion registered users and one the top visited sites worldwide, the small Bluebird is indeed flying high.

Now-a-days watching the twitter feeds, and knowing more about the various twitter profiles has become a regular feature in my digital life. Most Twitter handles are there for the purpose of recognition & affiliation...and to fulfill their purpose, they take various avatars on Twitter

Here are 6 popular avatars, I see in my network:

Premier: These are people who try and create content that are exclusive.. this could include tweets which are personal, stand-alone quotes, breaking news (which could also includ…

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