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Mobile Ringtones Migrate to Full Track and Subscriptions: iSuppli

Mobile music is emerging as a new revenue stream not just for mobile phone operators and handset manufacturers but also for companies involved in producing and distributing content for mobile phones. Initiated by the desire of users to personalize their ringtones and call back tones, the users' preferences are now shifting towards full track music, with Asia and Europe showing the fastest adoption of full track music among users.

Highlights of the report

* The mobile music market revenue is expected to grow from $7 billion (2006) to $15.7 billion (2010) with full track music download contributing nearly $5 billion to the total mobile music revenue.

* Users are migrating from polyphonic ringtones to ringtunes (real music tunes) in advanced countries while polyphonic ringtones are still growing in developing regions. iSuppli study projects that total polyphonic ringtones market will be reduced to just $1 billion by the year 2010.

* Mobile full track music downloads represent the greate…

Ad Networks

Advertising networks are ‘in’ thing. Everyone is talking about it. I have been reading news articles about Yahoo picking up stake in Tyroo. Komli starting a new ad network based on behavioral targeting. And Google ad network increasing its footprint in the Indian market.In India, like in many countries, it makes sense for the many small and medium publishers to be part of one or many ad networks, as it is an incremental revenue through banner advertising for them. I am told, that of the 250 crores of ad revenue, most of the revenue goes to the top 10 sites, and the remaining is split amongst the thousands of smaller sites.What is it in for the advertiser? A single window shop for him to reach out his target audience based on various select criterions. He can choose his ad display based on the type of website (Industry vertical), demographics, time of day and most importantly a single dashboard to check the campaign performance.Ad Network is basically an infomediary, which servers betw…

The rise of Social Networking Sites in India

If there is any revolution that is taking place in the India online space, it is the rise of Social Networking Sites (SNS)There is an explosion of users registering on the popular social networking sites. Orkut boasts of almost 8.5 Million users of Indian origin. Orkut had close to 7.2 Million unique visitors from India during June ’07. According to Comscore – during the same period Facebook had close to .78 Million unique visitors, and Myspace had close to .4 Million UV on their site. Our very own homegrown SNS like minglebox,, and, has substantial usersThe number of Active Internet users in India is safely assumed at 22 Million. Would it mean that every 2nd Indian is having their profile in one of the popular Social Networking Sites?Internet is now no longer an information highway. It is becoming a platform for conversations. But the big question is how many are talking and how many are listening? We Indians by nature are very expressive people. We commun…

Tata Indicom broadband customer service sucks


Today is the fifth day of my complain to Tata Indiacom - VSNL broadband guys, that my internet connection is not working...

They still say it is work in progress....

Their service and Sucks

I will change my ISP... in couple of months....

My only hope now is prayer :|


Describe Internet in one word


Been a while since I put some bytes in my blog. The reason being I was trying to squeeze the whole essence of the Internet into one word.

What is Internet?

Some of the thoughts I have when I say Internet is


There are various words to describe the Internet... but the ONE perfect word still eludes me.

I guess we are so used to the Net, that we take things for granted. I have over 5000 mails in my gmail ID... i would have read about a quarter of them. The others I skip, or plan to read later...(which has not happen in the last couple of years)... but, what if, i lose all my mails? I never gave it a thought. I am sure neither would have you given a thought about it.

If you have any thought about how you would describe the Internet; please leave your comment

In the meantime, i shall explore more about this virtual reality.