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Sales and Social Media

Last week Adage ( came out with a news article stating that Coca-Cola Company study finds no sales impact (lift) from online chatter (For more details you could read the article here

The article goes on to detail the study and the client input that Online advertising do work, and that social media plays a crucial role...However, some interesting pointers from the article:

Can you link sales objective (especially short term) with social media, especially when it comes to FMCG or CPG? I say, plain stupid to even try and spend time seeking such results. This can only be successful, if there is social media led tactical campaigns to drive sales... Overall sales depends on the time, distribution, space (shelf), competition activities, price, etcWhat should your social media objectives be? No silver bullet here. But for a FMCG or CPG brand; it should be more about kn…

Online trends in India 2013

I’m not sure why am I even writing about this. It is mid-March and there would be 1000’s of articles forecasting what will happen this year. Do I need to add more pixels to the ones that are already there? Well, maybe...or maybe not.

Having worked in the digital marketing for so long, I’ve realized that we tend to forecast the same thing over and over again like - the mobile story, online video, the King content, etc - and guess what, most of the time this holds true - like statement written on stone :). The following are what I’d want to add on to what other Digital Marketing pundits have predicted:

Digital story-retelling: For long brands in India have looked at online as a place to create and publish content. Most social media activities too are loosely based on content distribution and ‘engagement’ (from contests to customer service to games). The most popular stories are children’s story or mythology - and the reason for their popularity is that it is simple and easily re-told. It…

We are like this Onlyne

Internet is many instance is the only source of information... From students to researchers, all of us just collate and analyse the information that we get from the Net. Here’s my glimpse on how India would look through the Internet.


There are only 2 parties in India - BJP & Congress
NaMo, a.k.a Narendra Modi, is the biggest politician in India
Rahul Gandhi is unmarried and PM-in-waiting
Everyone in the Parliament  is a crook


One of the fastest growing economy in the world
Huge consuming middle class
Mukesh Ambani
The single biggest culprit for wasting time is IRCTC website


All are working in BPO, or IT


We love hindi movies
The two fameous celebrities are: Salman Khan and Poonam Pandey
We hate Chetan Bhagat, and any other English writer of Indian origin
Sachin is God
All Indian men are desperate


We love cricket, and hate our players
EPL is the most fav sport after cricket

I’m sure there are many more... these are just starte…

Newspaper Website - Design and Convergence

Newspaper websites designs are defined by 2 key features - Order and Regularity (of content updates)

Since most of the newspaper websites are dead ringer of their offline comes with a baggage of having the same design/mastheads, editorial, colour schema, culture, language, etc. Order is built into the website design to replicate the above features..Thus like an actual newspaper content spread, you have sections built - Home page, International section, National section, Sports section, etc... Added to it, large quantity of content updates on a regular - if not realtime basis... Looking at the above points, it would seem, on the face of it, that technological impact on newspaper website design would be minimal.

While it is challenging to re-look at design of newspaper website; with the technological advancement and the change in the user behaviour of consuming content online, there are things that can be done without compromising on the publication’s overall vision and user …