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The Future of User Generated Content

Of the 40 Million active Internet users in India, only 5% of them actually maintain a blog... of which only 1% of them have 'original' content (a quick math, it works to 20,000 people)

Quite sad...:(

An ideal case would be me... I try and update my blog regularly... but most of the time, it would be "copy & paste" job.. I find an interesting content on some site, and then copy it to my blog. Only once in a while there would a creative streak in me (like now:)), and i get going and type a 700 odd word item - which i can term as 'original'

Some online industry leaders were mentioning in the ongoing FICCI Frames convention about User Generated Content being the future of the online media... i am sceptical...

What do you mean by user generated content?... If i embed an YouTube video, onto my blog, will it be termed as UGC??
What if I take an article from some publisher portal and put in my blog, will it be considered an UGC?

In the Web2.0 scenario, we are most comf…