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Why I Love Digital Marketing & Advertising (And You Should, Too!)

You won’t be in a relationship for 20 years, unless you are in love with it. Right? I started my association with advertising & marketing, moonlighting for an ad agency as a copywriter-account executive-office boy-and-all, when I was in studying in college during early 90’s. Even today, advertising & marketing is something that makes my eyes sparkle and heart palpitate. Love for digital is something I picked along the way. It started with spending too much time with my IT/Engineer friends and endless discussions over bottomless bottles of alcohol which gave me a hang of what technology is all about..and suddenly, I was in love with all things digital
They say one’s career is defined by the 4 P’s of - Passion, Personality, Pay, and Potential… I’m not sure whether I’d like to see my career through these filters only… but yes, these hold good (except maybe the Pay part :))
Here are few reasons, randomly put, why I love digital marketing & advertising
Non-mainstream career option…

Investopad Diwali Mashup 2015

Very Interesting stuff from Investopad team... Ringing the truth of every startup owner & entrepreneur

How To Solve Some Biggest Marketing Problems With Digital

The birth of marketing is to solve a problem (need), but every marketer faces different problems in their marketing. Most of the cases pertain to the product itself, distribution, resources, budget, etc… but in some cases the challenges can be addressed by technology and digital
The Marketing ROI Which of my marketing activity had maximum impact? This is a question that would keep many marketers awake at night. What worked, what didn't work and why are the learnings and application that every marketers look for. Till now, different mediums, and different activities had different measurements and importantly, marketing initiatives were not mapped individually to sales.  Some tools you could check out are - Marketo, Ensighten, Musqot, Ebiquity, etc

Engaging with existing customer Digital has made engaging with the customer easier. Since the two way conversation is possible using the technology, marketers should be actively using technology for social media engagement, conversation monito…