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Google – The New World Temple

In the ancient world, temples (yes, the ones we people go to pray) were the center of all things. Of course, they were considered sacred and people believed that the all-knowing and powerful entity lived inside the temple portals. It was also a place that imparted learning for students, gave employment to few. It was also a place where people congregated regularly and most people frequented and spent their free time in its premises. Temples were also a place that provided opportunity for cultural growth – be it the dances, the sculptors, paintings etc; The temple neighbourhood always brimmed with business – people selling their wares – flowers, food, pottery, clothes, jewels, etc. Yes, temples played a significant role in terms of social, economic, religious, political, cultural, educational purposes in those times
While some of these roles were soon taken over by big manufacturing industries, there was no clear consolidation of one entity that was the driving force behind all the acti…