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10 Quick Tips on Digital Marketing

Happy New Year to you all..
While consulting for clients (especially, startups) during the past year, I realised that most of them have a basic query… Give us some tips on digital marketing. While the topic itself is vast, here are few tips, in random order, which I think will be helpful to marketers 
Keep (Customer) experience strategic and campaigns tacticalHave an ‘Always On’ digital activity (Search, Online PR, Affiliate Marketing, etc)Build database, as and when possible and keep it consolidatedMove on, somethings will not work for your product/brand.There is a difference in ‘Be In Social’ and ‘Being Social’. Social should be way of life for your company/brand, not a channelEvery campaigns should have ‘learnings’ as a KPIAlways keep a minimum percentage of digital marketing budget for innovations. Try something new, else you’ll never learnYour digital marketing should have at least 2 members - One who is digital savvy, and the other who is similar to your ideal customerCustomer jou…