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A ROI unmeasured

Digital advertising is built on the story of performance measurement and ROI. Be it the CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA…and the other entire sundry C’s, the story is about everything being able to be tracked and measured.
It is also about remarketing, behavioural targeting, etc… but frankly, is digital advertising all about WYSIWYG of the data that is shown in the ad-serving tool? I think not. While there needs to be a bias towards the numbers, there is also an untold story of a banner ad being effective but not captured in the tool.
Few weeks back, I was looking for purchasing a formal pair of shoes. I checked few online stores on different brands, and the prices and offers they had. One particular site was After visiting the website, I was shown remarketing ads of Jabong (the communication being of the Shoes :)) on various other websites that I was visiting. On spur of the moment, I decided to remove all the cookies in my system
I got busy and a week passed by. Then, I revisited the web…