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Microsoft India has launched, an e-commerce platform that would enable software resellers, website publishers and bloggers to sell original Microsoft products including Windows, Office, Server, Xbox, games, and gaming accessories online.

The e-commerce platform has been launched in partnership with Smile Interactive Technologies Group (Quasar Media), the e-commerce platform provider and Redington India, the distribution partner for Microsoft products.

Brian Campbell, director, original software initiative, Microsoft India, has said, “At Microsoft, we continually strive towards providing our customers with increased channels to access original software. This portal is a remarkable outcome of this initiative and will help increase the ubiquity of original Microsoft software in the online world.”

Harish Bahl, CEO, Smile Interactive Technologies Group, has said, “E-commerce is a fast growing trend in India and we are excited about this partnership with Microsoft to provide …

Cool Stuff from College Humor

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Demystifying Social Marketing in the online world

There is so much buzz about Social Media Network in today’s world. From Facebook to Myspace to Orkut, and our very own desi version of Ibibo, Yaari, Minglebox, etc… suddenly it all seems like one big family.

If you dig deeper – you would realize that the germ of this idea lies in our ancient texts. The Vedas talk about – Vasudeva Kutumbham – This whole world is one big family.

On marketing front, today’s networked market offers a wonderful opportunity to build communities around your brand. The online world of social networking is a wonderful place to create and communicate your brand. But, where in this place lies the El Dorado is the big question.

Uniqueness of Social Marketing:
The best thing about social marketing is YOU don’t talk about your brand, YOUR CUSTOMERS do. And any marketer would vouch that there is no better marketing than word of mouth.

The Never Ending Friending Project, a recent study commissioned by Isobar and MySpace, shows that incorporating social marketing into you…