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Brands as Publishers

Marketers are an uneasy lot now. The traditional Marketing Mix everyone is used to is expanding. The 4 P’s extended to become 7, and now with the rise of digital media there is an eighth P – Publisher.

Till about few year back, creating content for the brand was limited to the communication (advertising), product information (brochures, etc) and some PR (which was company’s POV or related to events etc). Even during the early days of the Internet, content was just an adaptation of the traditional medium – be it in form of mailers, website, or advertising communication.

Today however, Internet is a sum of Content + Conversation. Every second, millions of content (text, images, videos, games, etc) and conversations are created, shared, and consumed. The platforms could range from websites, widgets, emails, blogs, to social networking sites. While most content and conversations might not be relevant, but to its creator and a few people within their network, still a vast portion of conte…