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.....And Mahatma Gandhi followed me on Twitter

Wish I could follow him

Er... shouldn't it be the other way round :)
— Zentosh (@zentosh) July 31, 2014

Need for Speed

Few days back, the newly elected Prime Minister of India, Narender Modi, was talking about 3S’s to face competition from China - Skill, Scale, and Speed. What caught my attention was “Speed”.

Everything around us is surrounded by Speed. We are living in a world, where the transactional currency is the swiftness at which something can be achieved. TV channels, talk about ‘Breaking News’ where the focus is on how fast you can bring out the news and lesser focus is given on the quality (authenticity) of the news. Businesses like, courier & fast food is built on speed. In advertising, there was an era when cars and bikes were sold on basis of their power and speed.

An important value proposition of technology, especially digital, is speed (another being convenience).  And as the use of Internet and Ecom is increasing, we are shifting more from convenience to speed. Data download, 24 hr delivery, 3 hr delivery, 4G, etc all are today's keyword that these industries communicate.