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Man of Steel - Official Trailer 3 [HD]

Has Superman gone commando? or has inside-out become outside-in??

Tale of two posts (on social media) - 13/06/13

Two recent incidents on the social media caught my attention for the disparate source of origin but both becoming ‘trending’ topics immediately

One was the blog written by anonymous group of people regarding a bad experience in a pub (Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen, Gurgaon) & the other about a POV article written by Mahesh Murthy (popular figure in the social media space and digital marketing circles) regarding the circumstances that led to the suicide of a bollywood actress, Jiah Khan.

One thing for sure, both became trending topics, the Lemp incident becoming viral on Facebook and Twitter (was trending topic for few hours) and soon mainstream media picking it up and publishing on their sites.... the other, post by Mahesh, was being liked, shared and commented upon in hordes... (which also included disappearance of the original post). The post evoked strong reaction - for & against, from the readers a personal opinion

While the buzz around Mahesh’s post was not surprising, for it …