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Online Video Consumption in India


Below is the report on online video consumption in India. This research was conducted by

1. Place

In India, 85% of consumption happens from offices. People who watch videos online log
in from their places of work. Streaming traffic starts going upwards from 10 am
onwards and peaks at around lunchtime and continues at a steady level up to 7 pm.
Post seven the traffic falls by about 20% and reduces to half around 11 pm.

2. NRI Traffic

30% of video consumption in a 24 hour window comes from Indians outside of India.
Streaming traffic picks up at around 1 am and goes on till seven in the morning.
Majority of the traffic from the US comes from the Bay area and New York.
Interestingly, Japan and Philippines figure in the top ten countries consuming Indian

3. Geos

76% of all video consumption happens from the top seven metros / mini metros.
Smaller centers like Chandigarh and Jaipur are beginning to show up with significant
traffic. Mumbai contributes 14% of the consumption, Delhi i…

Best Indian websites - 2007


This was an article that appeared in PC World India

Nice stuff


Technology will dominate the future and the web is clearly one of its greatest manifestations. Forget the dotcom bust that many sceptics will remind you of The Web is going to become our way of life in India.

There are enough statistics to point to the rapid growth of the Internet in India – number of connections, e-mail accounts, transaction revenue – all very convincing. But who needs statistics? Just a quick look around will reveal how web is fast replacing traditional brick-n-mortar operations.

Be it picking new stocks or new friends, finding a job or a bride, there’s a web way to things that is proving far more effective, and rewarding. Websites today are built with robust understanding of users and available technology. They purposefully pursue fulfilling the needs of their audience but are grounded in strong business reality. And hence, unlike the fairy-tail era gone by, thi…

Internet + Radio + Mobile


One thing I am very interested in is the integration of Internet/Mobile/Radio. The convergence of these 3 technologies will be very interesting, especially in the India markets. Imagine, a radio station streaming on realtime basis through the Internet. You can hear to the station, on the back drop as you life gets rotted away in the cubicle. Imagine, you can choose which language station you want to listen (Hindi, English, Tamil, etc), or maybe feed in your listening list as soon as you enter the website. Imagine, able to chat up with the RJ, or with the other listeners. Imagine, able to read the lyrics on the site, as the song plays (a la karaoke style)

Also Imagine, that you are on the move, and you can dial in to the radio station and listen to the songs.. while keeping your boss's call in waiting :)

I would love to start something of this sort, and I am sure this will be a successful business model.

Furthermore, you can plant a lot of features onto the website, to make it more…

Happy Father's Day

Accha, Wish you a very happy Father's day.

I know for sure that you will not read this blog, for you are not conversant with the phenomenon called the Internet. (he is 70 Yrs old).. I know for sure, I will never be able to say to you in person how much I love you; for I still think it is unmanly to be sentimental, especially with one's Father.

I look back upon my life, and with every passing day i realize, how important you are in my life. I also realize, when i speak to others - i quote the same things you used to say, and react to day to day situations similar to the way you did. I feel proud, when someone says - you are just like your dad.

I say 'I love you', not because you need to hear this from me... more so because, I want to say it.


IAB's 28 reasons to use Internet


Have not been keeping well for the last 2 weeks... fever and cold has come upon me like the monsoon. My cough sounds like thunder, and my nose has been running like a streamlet

IAB's 28 Reasons to use Interactive Advertising

Marketer's Potential Uses of the Internet
1. Increase brand awareness
2. Generate trial
3. Increase usage of the brand
4. Up-sell customer to premium product or
5. Encourage customer to buy more per
purchase occasion
6. Improve customer's attitudes/image of the
7. Cross sell other brands from the same
8. Co-market with non-company brands
9. Increase repeat purchase
10. Encourage brand loyalty/increase customer's
involvement with brand
11. Provide in-depth information about the brand
and/or do product demonstration
12. Develop database of customers and
prospects/collect sales leads
13. Provide/improve customer service
14. Reduce obsolete/excess inventory via
15. Reduce marketing costs
16. Test different copy concepts
17. Test differe…