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Online advertising in India - Good, Bad,.....

2750000000 Rupees ($60 Million) that is the online ad spends on Internet during the year 2006-07. Good or Bad.Here are some of my random thoughts with regard to the online advertising in IndiaBad:The online ad spends is less than 1 % of the total ad spends in IndiaInternet reaches to only 3% of the Indian population Most the monies are spent in the top 10 sitesRich media creative are not fully accepted by publishersStill many live in the era of 20 Kb file size, and under Flash Player Version 6There is no proper audit on the figures publisher quotes in terms of page impressions, UVs etcBehavioral targeting – What is that?Frequency capping – Yeah, we can do it, provided it is above 100 JWeb 2.0 – okies, we shall talk about it, once we complete Web 1.0Broadband – yeah… in my office at home I have a BB connection at 128Kbps, on a 12.3kbps telephone lineSearch Marketing – must.. but do we optimize the same?eCommerce – I liked the shirt…

Online advertising revenues break records as Internet gaints go on buying spree

The latest Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Internet Advertising Revenue Report reveals that online advertising revenues in 2006 has increased to $16.9 billion globally, which is a 35 per cent increase over the records in 2005 of $12.5 billion. A very interestingly pattern has emerged in the market, where Internet giants like Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL are on a buying spree with almost all of them buying prominent online advertising services at steep prices.

The report quoted: “Consumer-related advertisers accounted for the largest category of revenues, at 52 per cent of 2006 full year revenues, up from 51 per cent from the full year 2005. Financial services, the second-largest category, accounted for 16 per cent, which was followed by computing advertisers at 10 per cent. Within the consumer category the biggest sub-categories were retail (47 per cent of 2006 consumer revenue category), automotive (22 per cent), leisure (13 per cent), entertainment (8 per cent) and packaged goods…

Online Marketing Tips

Digital marketing is complicated. It is a mixture of organic chemistry and rocket science. It also has a mix of psychology and sociology. But getting started with Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be that complicated..

Eight years of trial and error in developing digital marketing strategies for companies have given me the insight, and expertise. In conclusion, I realise, that there are some very simple measures you can take to successfully market your brand online.

You may have done some, but have you covered them all? Given below are 10 tips I am sure you will find useful

1. SEO: How many of you only put the meta tags and content on the HTML codes, and leave it at that... thinking that the crawler would visit your site. Optimise the search engine performance of your website. If you have lots of content on your website, you need to structure your pages in such as way that googles crawlers give it the credit it deserves. 70% of traffic goes to he unpaid section of search results.

2. Enfor…

Internet Marketing - Simply


Below is an article on Internet Marketing, which I had downloaded sometime back. The best thing about this article is the simplicity... I forgot where I had read this article before.. due credit to the owner of this article.

Happy reading, especially for dummies



E-Public Relations

E-Public relations is this part of Internet marketing which is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive image of a company or organization on the Internet. This kind of activities not only allows to create an image most desired and best suited for the chosen goals of a company, but also allows to control the spread of given information and reaction its receivers. Corporate blogs are the best example for E-Public Relations.


Mailing is a specific kind of Internet advertising. It is a way of promoting a company or organization which is based on a widespread sending of information via e-mail, but according to a key fitting a particular activity profile. It raises the possibili…

On Leaving

It was a hard decision.

I wonder if there was any reason for me to leave a job that was satisfying and people who were helpful and an office that looked cheerful most of the time. I wonder, if it was greed. I wonder if the reason was that I was ‘bored.’ I wonder if the reason was that I am adventurous. I will never know.

The past one week I was wondering, what makes one happy ? No, I am not seeking for the ultimate truth that Buddha, or the other great souls searched for and found. I am a normal person with normal habits. My idea of seek and search starts and ends with Google J. Is happiness found in - A good job?, A good pay package?, Friends?, Drinks?, Home?, Children?.. I never know. Is happiness found in oneself? Then why bother about the rest. I will never know what will make me happy. At least not in this lifetime.

I look back at my colleagues at Ogilvy and Mather, with a sense of gratitude. They were one of the best lot. A happy bunch. Sometimes it amazes me how they can be so ha…

The Manusmriti and credit card usage

Our forefather Manu, the learned, had written about the Varnas, and the duties thereof, given to them. I did find a great deal of similarities that was there, in the credit card usage of oneself and the Varnas system as described in Manusmriti.

Brahmin:- Just after you get your first credit card, you have this feeling that you will not fall into the trap of debts. You have the feeling of know all, and what to do to avoid pitfalls. You spend prudently, and see that you pay all your outstandings, before the due date. You get into the details on the service tax charged for filling petrol, and also the ways to avoid paying the same in future. It is picture perfect usage of credit card.

Kshatriya:- Soon, there comes a time, when you believe in "Action". The hallmark of a true Kshatriya. Let not the fruits of action be the goal.. and you spend. This is a period of sensual gratification.. wherein you purchase on your card under the impression that you will pay it of in 3-4 installmen…