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Below is an article on Internet Marketing, which I had downloaded sometime back. The best thing about this article is the simplicity... I forgot where I had read this article before.. due credit to the owner of this article.

Happy reading, especially for dummies



E-Public Relations

E-Public relations is this part of Internet marketing which is responsible for creating and maintaining a positive image of a company or organization on the Internet. This kind of activities not only allows to create an image most desired and best suited for the chosen goals of a company, but also allows to control the spread of given information and reaction its receivers. Corporate blogs are the best example for E-Public Relations.


Mailing is a specific kind of Internet advertising. It is a way of promoting a company or organization which is based on a widespread sending of information via e-mail, but according to a key fitting a particular activity profile. It raises the possibility of reaching prospective customers and, therefore, obtaining them. An example are projected advertisements - thanks to a system which matches advertisements with the content of a message – within Gmail mailboxes belonging to Google. Additionally ( so far only for English language content ) there are automatic filters whose task is to detect whether the subject of an e-mail message is not too touchy to attach an advertisement to it.

Advanced virtual marketing

An Internet advertising campaign is a carefully planed process encompassing many modern solutions. Advanced virtual marketing, thanks to an ongoing and complex service responding to each market change observed, can significantly improve a company’s or organization’s condition in e-business.

Monitoring the traffic on an Internet site, i.e. suitability analysis, is necessary in order to adapt its content to the needs of possible users most effectively with the use of a search engine.

Thanks to carefully prepared reports and statistic analyses describing Internet marketing research it is possible to make sure that the campaign will be properly documented, which will allow the company or organization to use its results in the future. Positioning and advertising in search engines can assume different forms depending on specific needs of a company or organization.

Positioning and advertising


The results obtained from Internet search engines are highly trusted by users, as being relatively neutral. This is why positioning of Internet sites i.e. placing hem as high as possible is so important. Just adding the site to the search engine itself is not enough. Thanks to an effective positioning operation a given service can be mover from the 10th position to the 1st, and it is a well established fact that most Internet users limit their search results to the first 2 pages.


SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization is a complex process aiming at most effective positioning of a www. site and gives good results even at early stages. By means of the SEO the content of Internet sites is adapted to the mechanisms of search engines in a way that the results reach the target group.

Google AdWords

GoogleAdWors is the largest Internet advertising network in the world. A research carried out in the USA has shown that in a period of given 30 days it reaches over 80% of Internet users. GoogleAdWords become activated within minutes of making a payment and are presented not only alongside search results at Google sites but also with search results and information at other sites.

Internet advertising carriers

There are various ways of placing advertisements serving promoting e-brands on the Internet. The carriers can be such elements of the Internet space as banners, skyscrapers, pop-ups, brandmarks, pop-unders, mid-text boxes, internet spots – interstitial, topleyers, watermarks and others.

Loyalty and partnership programs

Loyalty programs

By means of loyalty programs it is possible not only to gain customers but also convince them to stick with the company for a longer period of time. According to research, for 65% of respondents loyalty programs are an attractive incentive to take advantage of a company’s offer. Loyalty programs can assume various forms, from relatively short-term internet coupon contests to long term programs using special mechanisms.

Partnership programs

Partnership programs allow to promote the company’s or organization’s services in a way that enables to gain the trust of prospective customers by means of the power of information.


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