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What you can learn about Digital Marketing from Kung Fu Panda

Thanks to my two and half year kid, I’ve now watched Kung Fu Panda so many times that I’ve lost count. At first I watched, for the pleasure of watching my kid’s happiness when he watched the movie; Then the more I watched the movie, the more I learnt. I learnt about the finer detailing of the animation, I learnt about the meanings of the dialogue (in the larger sense), I learnt about the different styles of Kung Fu as represented by the ‘Furious Five’. Of late, I realized that this movie can teach a lot of things to marketing guys like me about our professional life and career

Po - The Kung Fu Panda:

One thing that is evident, is that the hero of the movie is well informed, theoretically speaking :). This is clearly evident from the scene where he enters the Hall of Warriors and the knowledge he has about the items on display, and the Wuxi hold of Shifu, etc. However, when it comes to execution of Kung Fu he is found wanting. In fact, he tries to avoid executing (practicing) Kung Fu bec…

Of Content Creators, Promoters, Universe and Internet

Recently, I saw a Tweet about some mobile stats.. I clicked on the URL and was led to a blog (WATBlog) that gave a gist of the mobile stats. Mentioned in the article, was a line crediting the source of information with a link to another website (Phonearena). Out of curiosity, I went to Phonearena to realize that the 'actual' source credited to was a traditional media publisher (BBC). Not sure if the article actually appeared in a TV show or was syndicated from some other source... but let us assume that BBC was the actual 'Content Creator" in this instance. One thing I observed was that majorly, the content remained unchanged (copy, paste :))

This would a typical scenario online, except maybe in case of personal conversations and updates on networking sites. Most Content Creators still are the traditional media companies. As hierarchy on the Internet gets blurred day by day, technology advancements happen in terms of publishing content and also 'tagging' it..…