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Online Behavior - Anonymity, deindividuation

In this connected world, you are no longer anonymous. Be it through virtual connections – social platforms or professional networks; or identifying your device through IP address, you can be easily pinpointed to the last click you’ve made online. Still most of the online behavior people have, shows signs of anonymity.
The feeling of anonymous gives rises to both positive and negative behavior online.On the positive side, people tend to be more candid since the other person is not face-to-face. Many decisions can be taken at a rational level since the ‘influence’ of other factors like body language is minimal
Another thing the feeling of anonymity being online brings forth is Type A behavioral traits. Some of the familiar Type A behavior patterns that can be seen online are hostility, competitiveness, hurry, impatience, restlessness, aggressiveness, etc... People with strong Type A behavior struggle against the pressure of time and the challenge of responsibility.
The more deviant behavio…