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Post by E.G. Santosh.

In Digital Marketing, the role of 'Digital' have always been more than the role of 'Marketing'. Its time for a role reversal
— Santosh (@santosheg) November 19, 2013

The Brand Interaction Black Hole in Online

In Physics, we have all learnt that black-holes are created by a dying star, and is a place where even light can’t escape its pull. Similar is a situation in the online space. When information comes to you (as a company/brand) but do not get actioned or in extreme cases do not even get acknowledged, then it is sure sign of the brand becoming a dying star. My past couple of digital experience makes me believe that many companies are yet to grapple with data that comes through their digital marketing. Direct responses/interactions to the company (@VodafoneIndia) like a Twitter messages goes into a loop of standard responses, without any logical end. More intriguing is submitting information in the online form (Airtel - MyPlan) also disappeared into the black hole.  Since actionable queries themselves are not actioned properly, I’m sure that data generated that need analysis for action (website data, campaign data, etc) are directly transferred into the black hole after the customary sli…