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Information Scarcity to Information Abundance – Changing thoughts

Couple of things that happened recently, made me think… Has the growth of technology (esp. Internet) actually diminished the value of information?

2 reasons that got me thinking were -
1) I was planning to make a Goan dish – Vindaloo... I logged on to the Internet to check the recipe. I read it, used it to make the dish. All throughout, I never made an effort to remember the recipe and process of making it…One reason could be - In case I need the same information in the future, I could get it at the click of a button…

2) In the past few weeks… the (scam) news sequence could be summed up as follows – IPL scam>CWG scam>2G scam>Adarsh>Media Tapes. While each of the news is important in terms of the freshness and context…the value we attach to the previous incident diminishes drastically with each passing day. The News today has a short shelf life

About 20 years back, (access to) information was scarce. The only known and popular sources of information were – the books, Newspape…