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What Marketers can learn from this General Elections - India

Here are some of my random observations and thoughts based on what I've seen and heard during run-up to the election campaigning and the election canvassing.
- Branding/Icon: India, culturally have been an idolatry country. Most of our activities are personality driven. This is evident in our advertising too, where use of celebrities (film stars and sportsperson) is rampant. The campaign of branding Narender Modi as their ambassador/Mascot was very effective  - India is still a mass media country: Considering that the effective cost per reach is lower through traditional channels - TV, Print, Radio has played an important role in communicating BJP's message across. - Social Media/Digital - Small but significant. The numbers are not much, but the hyper-active mode at which the parties used digital media speaks volume of the potential. In the current form it was only BJP's performance that proved effective. Parties like AAP and few Congress candidates who used digital media …

10 commandments for creating wearable smart devices

These are not written in stone, just made of digits.. Engineer for common human needsStart from the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy needsGive solutions (not alternatives or reminders)Wearable should also be adaptable - Place (Geographies, climate) & People (Culture, behaviour)Things should be in-built, not attachmentsData is important, but not critical (Don’t overload)Remember the purpose is to make the user’s life simple, not complexDon’t try to change behaviours - go with the flowEach activity should be independent of the previous activityRegular upgrades should be of the software, not the products
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