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Ancient Archetypes in Modern Media

Today is the age of personal media ownership. According to a recent news release from Twitter ( on an average around 4 Billion tweets are sent out every month. From individual point of views, re-tweets, status updates, what’s happening?, and direct messages….Twitter has become the favourite platform for self-expression for many

Every Twitter account can be measured on the following parameters –

Popularity – The number of people following a twitter profile
Pursuit – The number of people whom a twitter profile is following..either for information or interaction
Publishing – The volume of tweets (original) and re-tweets being done by the profile

Basis the above 3 P’s mentioned, we can organize the twitter users into different groups…and each group fit into the classical Archetype.

The Twitter grouping:

On the X- axis is broadly the values of Popularity/Pursuit (for ease of grouping have grouped into 3 categories – less than 1, equal to 1, and greate…

The Great Indian Tele’con’ story

The corruption and con-stories related to Telecom sector in India is not just related to the higher levels and during the time of license and spectrum allocation… It is everywhere in the system right from the business practices to customer service, to sundry services offered by hole-in-the-wall business, and including the customer themselves… the 3 recent experiences that make me say so…
Con story #1: I've been trying to get my enterprise email service activated on my blackberry. It has been about 1.5 years of futile exercise of follow-up with the Vodafone and Matrix customer services… Long discussions on the phone, boot – reboot, change password, set password, etc has been of no use… Now-a-days the customer service people when contacted over email/social media are asking me to call them… rather than other way round… the end result after such long wait and innumerable follow-ups I still do not have my enterprise email service active
Con story #2: My Blackberry (Storm) display was …