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Need for perception

The other day, during the story-telling time to my 3 year old kid, I was saying stories from Ramayana. I tried telling him the exploits of Rama sans the villain - Ravana (because, I thought it will be hard to explain to a 3 year old about a man with 10 pairs of hands, 10 heads, abduction of Sita, etc); I just stuck to the other stories - Like Rama as a young Lad, killing demons who troubled the Sages, The killing of Golden Deer (Marica), Cutting of Soorpanika’s ears and nose by Lakshmana, Killing of Vali, etc... It then occurred to me, that other than killing the main anti-protagonist, Ravana, there is nothing much in the popular stories, to write back home about. I mean, other than above, stuff like making Sita walk over flames, banishing her from his kingdom, a war with couple of kids (his own) for capturing a horse, are not the stuff attributed to a God, especially a Hero.
While many argue and find various sub-plots that negate these ‘bad behaviour’; but I think, that the central na…

Indian General Elections 2014 With Social Mobile Apps

A person who has never voted in the past 20 years, since the time I became eligible for voting, writing this article is oxymoronic. Looking back, I can justify that I had been shifting places so regularly that I never found time to register myself. That the process of registering is cumbersome. But nothing can hide the truth that maybe I was plain get up, get going and vote. It could also be that I never believed the political class doing any good for me and why I should waste my time. With NOTA option available this time, I lose this argument too
Apps in their true sense are nothing but access points to specific information or interaction that will satisfy a specific need. For any app to be successful it is necessary for us to identify the actual need of the user and then go ahead and fulfill that need
Need identification: Why do people vote? A wonderful article by Satoshi Kanazawa ( Satoshi Kanazawa), an evolutionary psychologist at London School of Economics gives 2 prominent…

For God's sake! I'm not a 3 year old with a credit card

Dear Remarketers,

You have been one of the early adopters of this technology innovation in media - Remarketing. It is wonderful to see that 'performance' metrics drives your online campaign. As a digital marketer it is heartening for me to note that more and more of you are joining this band-wagon.

Here is what I've experienced over the past couple of weeks. I was searching online couple of toys for my 3 year old son. After the necessary search and browsing, I zeroed on and the purchased items on the Amazon of India - FlipKart. Now I get bombarded by remarketing messages from FlipKart on the same toys (and another one which I browsed, but did not buy). Why? No clue. For God's sake!  I'm not a 3 year old with a credit card

It should have been a simpler story for the website: I came, I saw, I bought. End of story. In case you still want to engage with me, go for sequels or with 'what-if' scenarios..but stop following me with non-relevant messages

As a digita…