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Website designing – The India Istyle

Last few weeks I have been busy doing 2 things:
Talking to various ‘online’ ad agencies on various projects
Trying to sell to a client the importance of having a kick-ass website

Most of the ad agencies have a long list of ‘great’ work done in terms of website creation. Some were really good, but most of them were template stuff. All of them gave a list of clientele (usually an US or European Client). It kind of got me interesting. I kept asking them various questions on the website creation and design.. The thought, the strategy, etc…
Most cases the owners were not giving any proper response to some basic questions… This one takes the cake:
Question: how do you know that the website you created is a successful one?
Answer: It has to be successful. The client has paid me the monies.
The unfortunate part is that most of the agencies who build websites do not put any thought into it. A part of the blame would also go to the clients, most of them just want an online presence, where people c…