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Online Advertising in India - 2011

Based on my earlier blog (which was a copy-paste job:)) I thought about putting some India perspective to it..

By 2011, we can safely assume that 8% of the population (currently it is about 4%) would be online.. Which would mean that the Internet users in India would be around 100 Million mark.

Now compare this with the universe of English Newspapers in India (21 Million readers in 2006)... with a safe assumption of 10% growth Y-on-Y they will be around 35 Million readers of English dails... Internet would be reaching out more than DOUBLE the reach of English dailies put together..

According to me 2011 will be the most crucial and the active year in the online space in India... Internet advertising would face a lot of challenges from within and from outside. From within the challenges would be will the normal display ads, search advertising and email campaigns as we see them today meet the new entrants like Web 2.0 stuff of community and sharing,widgets, mashups, local searchs and the ne…

Generation Virtual

By Adam Sarner

With 1.2 billion people expected to be online by 2011, the Internet has already become the catalyst for immersing interaction and e-commerce and the conduit for vast amounts of information.

In 10 years, the largest influence on all purchases will be the virtual experiences associated with them, and, therefore, more money will be spent marketing and selling to multiple online personae than marketing and selling offline. This transition in customer interaction is being driven by Generation Virtual, also known as "Generation V."

Labeling generations is a way to understand new generations that appear not to have connections to the cultural icons of previous ones. And marketers use the categories of baby boomers, Generation X and Generation Y to segment the population for targeting products and services with a focus on age.

However, Generation V recognizes that general behavior, attitudes and interests start to blend in an online environment. As more baby boomers (who …

At last, in Delhi Durbar

A crystal gazer said to me few months back that a change would do me good... and change I did.

Last week, i left the pleasant plateaus of Bangalore, and landed in the plains of Delhi. It was a more than a 'warm, reception I had (in terms of the weather) :)... I will be living out of my suitcase for a week more, before my household articles gets shipped and delivered here... Until such a time i will be holed in the hotel room...

I start my days in Delhi with great expectations....

Hope here I find time to blog more frequently.... and learn more, and grow faster..



An Appeal from Bush, President of the USA


This is an Appeal from the President of the USA, George W. Bush. Mr. Bush is facing a grave situation, where the Americans are going hungry due to the food price rises. The reason for the same is that the huge Middle class population of India is eating more:)

This appeal is to all Indian's to partake one handful less when they have their next meal. Remember, that for more you eat (or waste) there is a hungry American somewhere in Texas, or Arkansas, or Detroit, or maybe in the White House itself...

Next time, you waste food or eat more, remember the hungry American.

"Uncle Sam Needs your Food"

S/d - George W Bush
President of the United States of America
White House
Washington D.C.

Please pass this link to as many friends (Indians) you know