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Digital Marketing predictions for 2016 and beyond

December is the month for Santa Claus and Predictions. Every ‘Influencer’ and ‘Thought Leader’ will come with a bagful of trends and predictions about what’s going to happen next year. In the spirit of yearend and Santa Claus, I too share my thoughts on what the next year holds in terms of digital marketing
Customer Experience to drive Digital For the past couple of years, we have been hearing a lot about how digital/technology is impacting customer experience. Now there is a role reversal, Customer experience is going to drive digital innovations
Changing formats of content Content has always been about information. Another moniker for Internet is Information Highway. This is going to change. Content is going to become more interactive. Use of visuals, A/V is going to rise. Even the format of engagement - gamefication, conversational, VR, etc will be on the rise
Apps to become more personalised and social The integration of CRM principles and social marketing will drive the app innovations…

5 Things a CIO and CMO should know about Digital Marketing

One funny thing about Digital Marketing is that - CMOs think that it is more to do with technology, and CIOs think that it is more to do with marketing & thus both of them are wary about it. While things are changing and there is a growing consensus within the organisations about the importance and role of digital… the filters through which a CMO or CIO views Digital Marketing is still different. 
What is required is for both the CMO and CIO to look at Digital Marketing through the same filters. There might be many, but here are the 5 important things, I want to say to every CIO and CMO out there wondering about digital marketing and how to go about

Digital Marketing is omni present… 
Inside the company, outside the company, and across all departments & roles you’ll see ‘digital’ in action. Be it social media, data, analytics, mobile technology, enterprise solution, every little and big thing is interconnected and interdependent. The distances between different stakeholders and c…