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Will there be an omni-gadget?

There was a time when the roles were clearly defined and work demarcated. Each person and department knew what their function were, where it began and where it ended.

As technology got adapted into business, the lines began to blur. And as technology evolved, the lines have almost disappeared. Now-a-days, it seems like, you need to be jack-of-all-trades and maybe master in some too.

The same can be said about gadgets. Each gadget found its origin for a specific task. Be it the pagers, mobile phones, computers, music players, cameras, etc.. all having a specific role and function. However, as the technology grew, so did the blurring of roles and functions. Newer gadgets came across amalgamating different functions - Laptops, iPods, Smart-phones, iPads... The most versatile of the gadget is the one that hogs the limelight.

Imagine, today, with a versatile gadget one can do 'normal' stuff like -

- make calls, access internet, click pictures, check mails, listen to songs, copy da…