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Cool New Websites of the future

Hey, Website! Hey yourself, User. What brings you here? I hear you are a cool guy/place to hang around with :) Thanks! Wow!! Didn't know that I'm that famous ;) tbh I'm just trying to be like you - More human, more friendly :)
…and so forth, the online conversation goes on between the user & the brand
Every brand website is a potential storyteller and technology is a great enabler of stories. The pace at which technology is getting adopted, especially the bot & AI technologies, chatting and talking websites are going to be the future storytellers of the brand.
Websites have come a long way.  From the static 'online catalogs' of early 90's to animated Flash based website of 2000's and the current search friendly and dynamic websites (with some personalization and responsive)…. They were led by customer friendly approach which was driven by the device & the purpose - Informational to Interactional to Engagement. The future purposes of website is to …