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Social Loafing of a different kind (in online space)

In thesocial psychologyof groups,social loafingis the phenomenon of people deliberately exerting less effort to achieve a goal when they work in agroupthan when they work alone. (Source: Wikipedia). However, I’m going to put forward my views of social loafing from the prism of online

The time spent of social networking platforms is increasing phenomenally.This can be attributed to 2 factors mainly driven by technology advancements –
-Accessibility -Time on hand
However in an effort to stay relevant and active in the platform, people are resorting to a different kind of social loafing… The popularity of ‘like’ button compared to the ‘comments’ is a wonderful example. The reason is the ‘liking’ a post or pic takes less effort than to create a comment
Similarly are the social sharing buttons on websites, and other features like ‘share’ and re-tweet buttons available for users who are social loafers
The classic effect of social loafing can be seen in online campaigns where-in people are asked t…

How much re-marketing is good?

Except for HPTOs (Home Page Take Overs), it seems as if re-marketing drives the entire online display advertising. Be it OTA ads, e-commerce sites, review sites, or even some corporate websites, everybody seems to be riding on this bandwagon.
It must be effective and hence the rush. I’m told that remarketing ads gets an average CTR of above 0.75% where as a similar communication through a plain display ad would give a CTR of about 0.25%. A 300% increase in CTR, coupled by the fact that the conversion from such traffic also will be high (can safely assume double the conversion). Such effectiveness will surely keep the interest level high amongst marketers and advertisers.
However, like most people, I am being ‘stalked’ by these salesman-ads. Be it a review site that I had gone to, or checked out ticket price and availability on an OTA site, these salesman-ads with standard copy flyers keep popping up in almost all the sites that I visit. For me, after a few repetitive messages it becomes…