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Online Advertising – Before Google and After Google

With due respect and regard to Aldous Huxley, the online advertising can be divided into 2 periods – Before Google and After Google.

When the first banner ads appeared on, it was like the caveman discovering fire. Soon the internet space was having websites with “To-let” boards for ad spaces. The progression of the advertising opportunities continued in a brisk space.

From flat rates for a select period, they got into impressions. Then it got improved to geo targeting, time targeting, and more specific in terms of IP address or person targeting.

Like the famous poem by Robert Browning, there were big ads, small ads, tall ads, short ads, expandable ads, static ads, appearing ads, disappearing ads, form ads, collapsible ads, yes ads and no ads…

By 2003, the online pundits were talking about having the perfect analysis tools and also that they have perfected the art of giving the optimum ROI for the online campaign. Pundits were talking about how effective online campaigns can b…