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Internet services disrupted in India

If you're used to beginning your day by logging on to the net, brace yourself for a huge slowdown over the next few days.

That's how long it could take to restore Internet services in India and large parts of West Asia to their normal level.

Net access in these areas has been hit following damage to two undersea cables in the Mediterranean Sea.

Internet service providers in India have put the disruption at 60 per cent of normal services while those in Egypt have been affected up to 70 per cent.

Other countries affected in West Asia are the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Call centres located in these areas have been affected, as well as international calls, which are now being rerouted.

The cable service provider has said the disruption was caused by a ship that accidentally cut the cable, after it was diverted from the Egyptian port of Alexandria due to bad weather.

Delhi logged out

And it's not just the link to the web world that may have been snapped in Egypt but time came to …

Watch Elvis dance to Punjabi Bhangra Music

Awesome stuff... Elvis rocking to punjabi music..


McKinsey Report - India’s rising middle class wants a better life

The same furious energy that made India a world-class provider of software and business services is creating a huge urban middle class. By 2025, household spending could more than quadruple, generating the 5th-largest consumer economy on Earth, up from 12th now. About 400 million Indian city dwellers—nearly 100 million more people than the United States has today—will enjoy comfortable living standards. Even India’s most affluent consumers will outnumber not only the comparable segment in China but also the entire current population of Australia.

As a result, the composition of spending has already started to change: discretionary outlays (such as mobile phones) occupy more of India’s shopping basket, even as the absolute sums devoted to necessities, such as food, continue to rise. Above all, consumers will increase the amounts they spend to improve their economic prospects and quality of life—for better health, education, transport, and communications.

For more on the report, click her…

Take Time To...

Take time to think – thoughts are the source of power.
Take time to play – it is the secret of perpetual youth.
Take time to read – it is the fountain of wisdom.
Take time to pray – it can be a rock of strength in time of need.
Take time to love – it makes living worthwhile.
Take time to be friendly – it gives life a delicious flavor.
Take time to laugh—it is the music of the soul.
Take time to give – it brings joy to the heart.
Take time to work – it is the price of success.
Take time to dream – it shows you what is possible.



Word of Mouth - Powerful selling tool in India - AC Nielsen study

87 percent of Internet accessing Indians still trust recommendations from others over any other kind of advertising, making word-of-mouth advertising the most powerful tool in the industry today, according to a recent global Nielsen Internet survey.

India comes fourth among the top ten countries globally which trust in recommendations from consumers, with Hong Kong leading the list with 93 percent. Seven of the top ten markets that rely most on “recommendations from consumers” are in Asia.

Newspapers came in second (77%) on the list of advertising media that Indian consumers trust the most. Surprisingly consumer opinions posted online and brand websites came a little ahead of television advertising with 73 and 72 percent respectively. Television came in at number five with 65 percent of Indian respondents considering television advertising as trustworthy.

Conducted twice-a-year among 26,486 internet users in 47 markets from Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas and the Middle East, Nielsen …

20 Analytics tools for blogs

Here is an article of interest to most bloggers. I had got the same through the Feedblitz newsletter.

There are a lot of data points that can be meaningful for tracking blog effectiveness. That is, tracking what happens when visitors arrive at and engage with your blog content. It really comes down to the purpose of your blog. Metrics for a blog that’s focused on making a web site more search engine friendly by adding crawlable content and attracting links is quite different than a blog that’s meant to build thought leadership or brand credibility.

Many of the metrics tools used for blogs are also used for basic web site analytics. That makes sense because many blog initiatives do not have the same kind of budget as web site marketing programs do. Therefore, the analytics employed tend to be low(er) or no cost.

Regardless of the purpose, I’ve assembled a list below of the various tools we use, or have tested to report onsite blog metrics. Pick the service or tool you like the most from t…

What to do in 2008

My Highlights in 2007

I bought a car
I left a job which i loved..
I joined a job which i love..
I bought an Ipod atlast...(not happy with it, yet)
Got an Digital camera - (though I still believe Films are far better)

What I intend for 2008 ?

Do more in the Job i Do...
Get into an Hobby (Creative pursuit)
Buy a PDA - ASUS P750
Buy a good computer system for home OR a Mobile work station
Buy a house
Visit at least one place of interest



Tata Indicom Broadband Sucks !!


The ushering in of 2008 has not been good with regard to my Internet Broadband connection at home... I have not been able to log on to the Net since December 16, 2008...

Thanks to the stupid and non-cooperative attitude of the customer service department of Tata Indicom broadband... Inmuerable calls, leads to the same answer - We will look into the matter, and the line will be up as soon as possible. 1 month is not as soon as possible for these idiots...

I've asked these guys to disconnect my services... and they promptly did so... and sent their executive across to collect the Router... they never had a problem doing this... but to send a service engineer to check the problem.. they never do it...

I have checked with other service providers to give me broadband connection at home.. and the response has been as follows -

Airtel: - No available port at the place where i reside. Status: Thumbs down...:(

BSNL - Need to wait for 2 months. Status: Thumbs down..:(

Reliance Wimax: No cove…