Tata Indicom Broadband Sucks !!


The ushering in of 2008 has not been good with regard to my Internet Broadband connection at home... I have not been able to log on to the Net since December 16, 2008...

Thanks to the stupid and non-cooperative attitude of the customer service department of Tata Indicom broadband... Inmuerable calls, leads to the same answer - We will look into the matter, and the line will be up as soon as possible. 1 month is not as soon as possible for these idiots...

I've asked these guys to disconnect my services... and they promptly did so... and sent their executive across to collect the Router... they never had a problem doing this... but to send a service engineer to check the problem.. they never do it...

I have checked with other service providers to give me broadband connection at home.. and the response has been as follows -

Airtel: - No available port at the place where i reside. Status: Thumbs down...:(

BSNL - Need to wait for 2 months. Status: Thumbs down..:(

Reliance Wimax: No coverage at the place where i reside. Status: Thumbs down :(

SO what do I do.. I call up Tata broadband Wimax services and ask them to give me the connection... Within a day they came and collected the forms and are about to give me the connection.. ( I just hope and pray that this time it works out fine.. as there will be no cable disconnected (the frequent response i got for non connectivity)... as they would install wireless router, and the connection is done to the server through airways..

Guess this is what is meant by - "'Til death do us part" :)

There is a digital marketing summit by IAMAI happening in Delhi, and most of them talk about lack of broadband users as the main reason for the Internet Marketing taking off in India. I say - give proper connection to the existing guys, and they will promote this for you.... you give f**k all connection and speeds and worst of all hopeless post sale service... how do you expect that the number of users will increase.

Keep the current broadband users happy... and they will promote your services... and soon the tribe will grow..


(from my office desk)


sunHot said…
I've been using Airtel for almost 2 years now and the service is really good. Max downtime was 4 hrs happened around a year ago. In previous days there was some problem with the speed so I called up the customer care and they told me there is some server problem going on and will be resolved in few days. And after a couple of days the problem got resoled.

You are quite unlucky that u didn't have any post empty, but keep trying for Airtel Broadband, once it's installed you won't feel any issue. Lot of times I download around 3-4 GB of data at nights and it never given me any problem.

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