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Twenty New Management Styles


thought i would add some "fillers" in my blog.... nothing much happening... wanted to make some new updates in the blog... hence these... guess i'm on my way up into the management...


Twenty New Management Styles

1) MANAGING BY WALKING FASTER THEN THE EMPLOYEESThese kind of managers you will always see in the corridor, ten steps away. "We'll have to talk" you can hear them say, just as they have disappeared around the corner.
2) MANAGING BY STARING OUT OF THE WINDOWThese managers you usually meet with their backside faced to you with their hands in their pockets. When you talk to them, their thoughts keep staring out of the windows.
3) MANAGING BY POST-IT'SSome managers forget everything. They want to impress you with their 'busy'ness by continuously writing on Post-it's while you are talking.
4) MANAGING BY DELEGATION TO THE SECRETARYThese managers just delegate everything to the secretary. If He is good, He knows what she mu…