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Why we will soon own a second mobile phone

There are more than 4.5 Billion mobile users in the world. That is almost 60% of the world population. While the stats and market forecasters might predict a plateau in terms of the mobile sales, I think that the next billion in mobile sales will come from existing users picking up a second mobile phone. I observe that many of my friends and relatives have already started carrying a second mobile phone. The common reason they give is that one is  the ‘official’ phone and the other is ‘personal’. (Note: ‘Official’ does not mean that it is a company owned phone). Meaning,  that the first phone is for all and sundry stuff like browsing, data, etc and the second number for calls and to be shared with important people. This behaviour is pretty similar to what most of us had experienced or done with an earlier technology innovation - Emails
When Hotmail started offering free web based email IDs and later Gmail with their unlimited storage, everyone who was online quickly went and created an e…