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Digital Impact on Marketing Campaigns

If you looked hard at today’s online marketing, 2 things stand out. Ever recall seeing an ad of a website that you’ve visited recently, while browsing other sites? Also, did you notice that most brand interactions are from your Facebook profile – either through the FB ads or by what your friend in your network had done or recommends… Call it re-marketing, social marketing or whatever… digital has changed the way marketing campaigns are run
Ask any advertiser and they would say that key differences about online medium (from the traditional media) are – interactivity, engagement, measurability. The bigger impact of digital medium on marketing is that advertising campaigns have become more ‘on-the-fly’… Gone are the days when ad agencies was thinking about finding the ‘Big Idea’ and launching the campaign… In today’s world, it is more about managing the ‘Big Idea’ on real-time basis
As more and more consumers become an intrinsic part of carrying the brand communication forward, it becomes …