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What makes Web shoppers click “Buy” or “Bye”?

There’s big money being spent in the Internet marketplace. Last year, more than $175 billion passed through the Internet in the form of airline tickets, insurance premiums, online bill payments and paperback books, among thousands of other items. But for many consumers, at some point in the process, the online transaction came to a screeching halt. Perhaps, the customer became frustrated with the typing in their shipping information. Maybe the person got cold feet just as it came time to type in a credit card number. Maybe the customer was never able to find the right product in a vast catalog of products.

TeaLeaf, a San Francisco startup that analyzes online consumer behavior, has released a study that looks closely at e-commerce stop points - the place in the online process where a potential customer “walks away” from the sale. Clearly, TeaLeaf has reason to commission such a study - but it was interesting that the company looked beyond the stop-points of a sale - which is its sweet …


I have got this forward. It made me proud that our national anthem is getting recognition it deserves.

However giving little thought made me wonder why would UNESCO get into a country's pride... Every country's National Anthem is the best national anthem for its citizen... so the whole thing about being awarded the best national anthem sounded far fetched..

Searching the UNESCO site did not give me any information in this regard... Also the google search (keywords: UNESCO, JANA GANA)gave about 5000 results and mostly it was directed to blogs and groups.. nothing to a credible source of article...

I guess, this is a hoax mail that is going on...

The award is a FAKE... but its viral effect is for REAL



Advertising through LinkedIN

Ok. You know it. But, I still will say – LinkedIn is great. In fact, it is one of the best things that has happened in the Networking sites

So, I have a profile.. I have a large number of members in my network. But, what is it in for a marketer. As a marketing professional, how can I use LinkedIn to reach out to those grapes (read profiles) I see, but can’t reach.
Most marketers use LinkedIn effectively for HR (It is a different story that my profile has not evinced any interest so far)

What any advertiser is looking for medium and ways to reach to the target audience without much ‘disruption’. LinkedIn provides focused marketing based on member profile.

Normal Advertising Options:

LinkedIn advertising option offers the standard IAB Banner sizes (728x90, 160x600, 300x250) and text ads. These ads are displayed on the user profile pages – based on their designation, company size, location, roles, and industry. Also you can do the standard Frequency capping, IP target, time etc. If you are an…