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Management-Ally, Part 8: Online Behaviour – Why people don’t behave the way the do…

It has been quite a while since I have written anything under the Management-Ally series. I had in my early days of blogging started the following series:
1. Management-Ally: Topics of interests that would give my perspective of Management related topics.
2. Manage-Mentally: The topics under this heading were usually humorous in nature. It gave my view of a specific management related topic in a lighter vein.
I have decided to re-start writing articles under these headings. Under this Management-Ally series, I wanted to cover my thoughts on Online Behaviour – why people don’t behave the way they do in real life
There is a vast difference in the behaviour of people when they are online or offline. We all have been conditioned to the fact that Internet enables an easy and convenient way of communicating with each other. But these online interactions are not necessarily, an extension of our real life behaviour but a medium for surfacing our deep rooted feelings/actions. A common example woul…

Goodbye - God of Offside

Thank you Dada



General Elections in India - Canvassing Digital Style

The US Elections and the results have been historic. The way the campaign was fought and the results there of, are the cocksure way of the way the wind blows. Much more the results (it was a foregone conclusion that the anti-incumbency votes would prevail in this election), I was keener on the way the election was fought.

The use of Online and digital media in the US election was awesome. It will be talked about and replicated in the developed world and maybe in countries like India too.

India is going in for its General Elections in early 2009. In the meantime there are lot of states that would be going to elections. The elections in Delhi are slated for end of November. Already candidates sending emails to residents of specific locality has come in news articles.

India has substantial online users (close to 35 Million) and a large population who have mobile phones (over 300 Million in the last count). Reaching out to this audience would be of paramount importance to all parties.

From an…