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Google Named Most Significant E-Biz Development

This news article appeared on webpronews

Google properties made up three of the top 10 most significant
e-commerce developments of the last decade, according the Software
& Information Industry Association.

The SIIA unveiled its top-ten list on the 10th anniversary of the
White House eCommerce Framework.

"Electronic commerce has provided a significant engine for the
growth of the global economy and has sparked the delivery of a
multitude of innovative products and services," said Ken Wasch,
President of SIIA. "These developments reflect the unique nature
of the Internet, which has allowed creativity, ingenuity and
entrepreneurship to flourish."

The Top Ten of the Last Ten Years

1. Google (1998): With a third of all Internet users searching on
Google, and half of Americans, the SIIA says the company "did more
to fundamentally change the way we use the Internet than any other
event in the last 10 years.
2. US Broadband penetration reaches 50% (2004): Until this happened
in 20…