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Tech ramblings during travel

The problem with breaking a habit is that breaking a habit becomes the habit. No tongue twister here, it is just my observation for not writing a post/blog for a long time. My OneNote has a list of topics that I had noted down that I want to write and share, but somehow I just didn't find the right motivation to write. That for you is a long form of defining laziness ;) A 2 week business trip to Sydney at the start of the month had given me enough time to think and look around what is happening. I started to look at things with the filter of technology and digital. Here are few of my observations & trends, in no particular order
Different people, same behaviour: When it comes to technology behaviour, even though it was 2 different continent, it was same everywhere. People spend most times checking their WhatsApp messages, or Facebooking through their phone. A large number of people were keen on getting their selfies taken against popular backdrop. Kids …