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Its all about CAMA


It has been a while since I increased the bytes in my blog. I shall blame it on something called writer’s block. Well, this time around the block has been too big, way too big. I have been working on breaking this block, but did not find enough gelatin sticks.

Every writer, worth his salt, goes through this period of block… the key to overcome this is to hit the keyboard hard. Usually, most of us tend to use the ‘Backspace’ or the ‘Delete’ keys a lot, during this phase.

Well, the other day someone asked me, how to make a kickass online campaign. It made me wonder, on what would be the ingredients to make a great online campaign.

CAMA. That is the solution. Creative + Account + Media + Analysis

Let us be frank, everyone talks about a great creative. Especially when you are online, it is a great creative that will entice you towards what you need to communicate. Unlike the creatives of other media, on the online space, the creative can be interactive. You could have your creat…