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A contrarian view on the future of tech devices

Starting of the year is always a good time to talk about trends and how it will impact us. I don’t want to be left behind too :) Year end or Year beginning contents are usually highlights about what happened during the past year, or what is in store for the year ahead. I too have a lot of optimism about technology, devices, digital marketing, and all other  things that I’m interested in. This is a perfect setting for writing this topic. My Kid is right now playing with his toys, building blocks, while I’ve opened my iPad and started typing this blog. There are times when I’m busy with my iPhone/ iPad and he comes over asking me to spend few minutes playing with him. Most times, I oblige. But, there are instances when I deny him my time and continue working on my devices.. his reaction is palpable.It is usually “close your iPad/mobile” “play with me, please” kind of reaction. 
This made me think, as we spend more time with our devices, there is a potential for a child-device conflict tha…