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Management-ALLY :2

Every one dreams of a perfect job. An Utopian dream - where you have a happy job, a great company, good pay, great colleagues, no ‘Work’ and to top it all, a sexy Secretary. Well, I had such a dream. Yeah, that is right – I HAD.

After graduating in Business Administration from a non-discrepant University, where I had spent most of my waking hours in cafeteria and sleeping hours in the library, I passed out with the Utopian dream in my eyes. After the academic introduction to Management and all its glory, I was seeking my place in the Management world.

The rude shocker came soon, no job interviews for 2 months, none wanted a non-discrepant university grad as a Management trainee, it was the abode for the selected few – children of Bigger Gods – the big B-schools. I learnt my first lesson of Management in the real world – Compromise.

Since plan A failed to take off… it was time for plan B – get into the industry as a frontline executive and soon you can prove your worth and rise in the ra…


Having read a few books on behaviour, (weel, honestly most of them were fictions).. I feel that a lot can done in Marketing... and which could be a long term process...

Here I want to share my thoughts - please remember any name, company, or person mentioned below is purely coincidental, and only used for literary purpose..

If I were to market a TV Channel targetted at kids... I would form



1.Studies reveal that kids learn by the process of coreleation of
'images' and 'words'.. (eg:- SHowing 'Blue' and make them repeat
Blue....or Show a person and tell them "Uncle" etc..
2. A country like India with a majority of Single TV Households, the
competition is not just other 'kids' channels.. but also news channels, sports, and the channels relaying the never ending sagas of K-series..thanx to Ekta Kapoor :)

Touchbase through ToonLand:

ToonLand is the concept of offline touch/ interaction / learning point,
exclusively targetted at Kids. The …