Having read a few books on behaviour, (weel, honestly most of them were fictions).. I feel that a lot can done in Marketing... and which could be a long term process...

Here I want to share my thoughts - please remember any name, company, or person mentioned below is purely coincidental, and only used for literary purpose..

If I were to market a TV Channel targetted at kids... I would form



1.Studies reveal that kids learn by the process of coreleation of
'images' and 'words'.. (eg:- SHowing 'Blue' and make them repeat
Blue....or Show a person and tell them "Uncle" etc..
2. A country like India with a majority of Single TV Households, the
competition is not just other 'kids' channels.. but also news channels, sports, and the channels relaying the never ending sagas of K-series..thanx to Ekta Kapoor :)

Touchbase through ToonLand:

ToonLand is the concept of offline touch/ interaction / learning point,
exclusively targetted at Kids. The concept is Disney can coventure into
the areas of pre-school teaching - Creche and Nursery... the Idea is
targetting the kids around the age of 5 years. The ToonLands will offer
worldclass level of to these early

The teaching would involve high degree of interaction and exposure of
Disney 'Characters' to the kids.. and at their impressionable age they
tend to make a high and a long term impact... The kids will soon be able
to identify and make a personal connection with the characters...
I had seen in Dubai.. the way the kids have related themselves to some
Tele-tubbies called - lala, pooh, dixie.. etc... and they are a big
hit.... in the BBC channel...

ToonLand will consist of the following:-

1. the regular/ statutory play and learning kits
2. usage of Characters related Disney (
I am taking Disney channel as an example as they have recently launched their broadcast in India
) in their everyday teaching
3. World class quality in terms of education and services
4. Value added services like.. full time nurse on the rolls, Dr. on call, etc
5. transport for kids pick up and drop (the vehicle can be used of OOH

The metros and other imp. cities can be catered to directly... and the
other centers can be developed on franchise basis...
What Disney India will achieve:-

- A strong image with the target audience (kids) who will soon act as
brand bearers for Disney..
- Pull strategy in the household for TV time to watch their fav.
characters on the TV
- A way to make the parents more aware of the channel etc (usually thru
the PTA meetings etc)
- High level of PR in the media... giving more exposure..

and yeah... last if not the least... Education is a bigtime profitable business




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