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Simple Venn diagram of relationship between people and technology

A simple relationship framework between people and technology

Facebook limits organic post reach

Literally, the writing was on the wall for quite sometime now. Facebook has officially announced that they will limit the organic reach for posts on Facebook Pages. This means you pay, if you want your posts to be seen by more people, even if they are your fans. For more, read here
While it is not end of the road for the brands to increase organic engagement with their audience through Facebook page, it surely puts a spanner to the works on how they will have to spend monies on Facebook advertising.
Let’s be honest, most people would not like to interact with the brand on day to day basis, let alone visit the brand page regularly. So such a limitation might actually work in the brands favour, albeit with monies involved. What smart brand managers would need to do is, to increase the relevance of the post and then promote the same.
One big difference this new rule from Facebook will make is, brands who have been focusing on increasing likes through paid advertising and engagement through …