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This is a 'must' visit site. You will be amazed to know about the effects of material economics...

Reduce waste, and save the planet.

"Save our world. Good planets are hard to find."



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Excerpts from interview with Kiran Mazumdar Shaw- CNBC TV18

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Nice stuff



Management-Ally 9: Believe in strangers

Some forwarded me a link to join a new website They claim to be India's first recommendation Engine.

The offer of sending invites and recommending places allows you to accumulate points and thus you are eligible to get your free Reebok shoes (the prime reason for me to click the link)

It makes me wonder, why would someone listen to a recommendations of a complete stranger?? Can i really be an 'influencer' to promote some service or product, that will influence a person from Mumbai or Bangalore to try it. Sounds, far fetched.

I never asked the person sitting on the neighboring table in a restaurant what he had ordered or how the food tasted. Neither do I ask someone at a retail outlet about a particular product. Then why would I go online, read a recommendation of some completely unknown, and the decide. And most cases, I go by the waiter/chef's recommendation or the salesman's advice...I am sure this will be true in most cases.

This thought reflects in …

India ranks 4th in world with 81 Million Internet Users

Strange.. Most of the Internet stats report from India claim that India has an internet user base of 30 Million to 38 Million. But to quote by Internet Governance Forum - India has been ranked fourth among the top ten nations in the world with 81 million internet users even as the world aggregate touched 134,85,72,040 by the end of 2007.

For reading the entire article click

I do not know the methodology which was followed and how the figures were arrived to.. But at 81 Million users, we can emphatically say that Internet in India is no longer a medium for niche audience, but is a 'mass' media.

It is high time that we marketers recognize this and have a proper online marketing strategy - and not do online campaigns as an after thought.



10 things i have learnt from the Mumbai terror attack

I have learnt -

1) Life has no guarantee
2) Terror has no name, no face, but follows a religion
3) We expect too much from too few
4) Better to die once like a soldier, than live forever
5) Media are like vultures, they are where the dead bodies are
6) Politicians are like hyenas, they feed along with the vultures
7) India was invaded - yesterday, today, and will be invaded tomorrow.
8) We all live in fool's paradise
9) The war in future will be fought in streets and buildings not on fronts
10) The bells toll for me

I have also learnt, that I too shed tears...