10 things i have learnt from the Mumbai terror attack

I have learnt -

1) Life has no guarantee
2) Terror has no name, no face, but follows a religion
3) We expect too much from too few
4) Better to die once like a soldier, than live forever
5) Media are like vultures, they are where the dead bodies are
6) Politicians are like hyenas, they feed along with the vultures
7) India was invaded - yesterday, today, and will be invaded tomorrow.
8) We all live in fool's paradise
9) The war in future will be fought in streets and buildings not on fronts
10) The bells toll for me

I have also learnt, that I too shed tears...



Murthy said…
Great thoughts Santosh...and unfortunately thats the truth we have to live with...Media and Politicians..with no exceptions have gone bad to worse...I had some respect for one channel but..... you too NDTV???

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