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Benefits of Advertising in an Online Community

Revenue generated through online adverising is trending upward, with industry experts and analysts predicting a 19% growth in 2007 to $19.5 billion. Many factors are driving this growth, challenging online marketers to select the opportunities that meet their individual online advertising goals.

Advertising in an online community offers distinct benefits to consider over other online advertising opportunities, including:
1. Engagement factor of the audience
It has been said that Madison Avenue has a keen eye not towards a magazine's distribution, but the amount of magazines sold off the rack. Marketers want to know how many people paid for a magazine as that number is a much better measurement of the engagement of the reader. A reader who pays for a magazine off the rack
is a lot more likely to read through the magazine.

Within an online community, the audience engagement factor is incredibly high. The audience is not only seeking information to consume, but they are also taking part …

YouTube, Wikipedia storm into 2006 top brand ranking

LONDON (Reuters) - Internet firm Google has again pipped Apple to the top spot in a global brand ranking that also sees YouTube and Wikipedia debut in the top five, a survey showed on Friday.

The annual survey by online branding magazine often throws up controversial results, such as in 2004, when Arabic TV station Al Jazeera was named the world's fifth most influential brand.

This year the 3,625 branding professionals and students who voted have again surprised, awarding upstart firms star status when asked: "Which brand had the most impact on our lives in 2006?".

Google, the Internet search engine that has expanded regionally and moved into online advertising, mail and blogging, seized the top spot for the second consecutive year, ahead of Apple Inc, which again comes in second place.

More surprisingly, video-sharing Web site YouTube, which was bought by Google in October last year, stormed into third place. Online encyclopedia Wikipedia makes the fourth …

Thumb-Print Banking Takes India

CHENNAI, India -- Banks and ATM machines are an unfamiliar sight in the rural countryside here, but the government hopes to change that with new technology that could ease the transition from cash to computers.

A pilot program will put 15 biometric ATMs at village kiosks in five districts across southern India. The machines are expected to serve about 100,000 workers who will use fingerprint scanners, rather than ATM cards and PINs, to obtain their funds.

Biometric ATMs are already in use in Colombia and a few locations in Japan, but haven't caught on in much of the rest of the world. As a result, biometrics companies are watching the experiment closely as a potential watershed for the industry.

Nagaraj Mylandla, managing director of Financial Software and Systems, which helped design security protocol for the new system, said there are 35,000 non-biometric ATMs in India today. In three years the number of machines is expected to triple to more than 100,000, leaving a window of oppor…

Resolution for the year

Woke up on the 1st morning....... lying in bed, I was
asking myself....what are some of the secrets of
success in life?

I found the answers right there, in my very room

The fan said : be cool.
The roof said : aim high.
The window said : see the world.
The clock said : every minute is precious.
The mirror said : reflect before you act.
The calendar said : be up-to-date.
The door said : push hard for your goals.
The cupboard said: dont hide any skeletons.
The bed said : live the 'rest' of your life.

Have A Great Year Ahead ! :-)

'Traditional' Media active online

According to U.S. audience data compiled by comScore Networks, four so-called "traditional" media companies - Fox Interactive Media, Time Warner Network, Viacom, and Comcast - ranked among the top 10 sites in terms of page views in November. For the same period, Fox, Time Warner and the New York Times found themselves in the top 10 for unique visitors.

The major media companies are making progress in getting an online audience that can be leveraged as users increasingly pull down content online. Though many of the top 10 players were on last year's list, Fox Interactive and Comcast made special progress. The 39.5 billion page views generated by Fox Interactive, which includes MySpace, marked the first time the company beat Yahoo! for the top property by that metric

Best Practices in Mobile Marketing

There are a few critical points in implementing a successful mobile marketing campaign that generates real ROI. All support at least one aspect of the golden rule of direct marketing: The right offer, at the right time, to the right audience.

Ask for Permission
Far and away the most critical component of a successful mobile messaging campaign, asking your audience for permission to market to them will help distinguish your campaign from SPAM. An aggravating nuisance in the wired world, SPAM in wireless networks is a far more sinister threat to undermining the value of permission-based marketing.
We need only look to email marketing to learn the value of obtaining permission. People are accustomed to being asked whether they'd like to receive additional offers/news when downloading content from the Web. This opt-in process is even more critical in the wireless world. Each campaign you send should feature a quick and easy opt-out process.

Optimize Content for Multiple Devices
There ar…

Some thoughts on an Ideal website

It should be unique and memorable

Pleasing to customer

To build better customer relationship & create new value propositions

To deliver end-to-end services

To meet customers’ priorities, not only today, but tomorrow as well future demands

To match customer most important priorities

To make purchase process convenient & at low cost

To use built-to-order business model

It should be vigilant and learn to priorities constantly changing environment

Site should not only just add value, but also invent new traditional value-chain thinking

Site should have service excellence, operational excellence & continues innovation excellence

The objective is of the agency/ design house will be -
To succeed, focus on our design
Then put a lot resource behind it
Basic functionality should be in process at the 10% growth / day
Minimum quality threshold
In-house research
Reliability, low cost, steady improvement risk averse
Support to each other
Convenient interaction
Acquisition of new ideas