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‘Prime-time’ and online advertising

The most preferred time for marketers and advertisers on Television is the ‘Prime time’. By definition it means – the time period when the television or radio audience is the largest”. Now for years, this block of programming is based on time (Evening hours between 8 PM to 11 PM) or between programming that gathers maximum eyeballs, like sports events.
One of the reasons of prime time being there, as mentioned in Wikipedia is – “Most people tend to watch television at prime time because most people who are usually tired coming home from work or school tend to watch TV, usually right after dinner…”
But, is reach of the communication the only reason for advertisers to flock across to prime time? I guess not. Literally, there is much more than what meets the eye (and when)
We all are aware that advertising works on the basis of stimulus and response. Psychologist Daniel Gilbert in his essay “How Mental Systems Believe” theorizes about believing and unbelieving, saying that people accepts a…