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How to build a digital marketing culture in your company?

Very often, in my early jobs working in advertising agencies, I’ve experienced how both organisations (the agency and the clients) seems to be suffering from digital marketing deficit. From an agency perspective, digital, was viewed as a medium to propagate the communication proposition. For the client, digital was a box to be ticked, in their marketing checklist. In industry forums and workshops, I used to discuss (and also hear) with my peers and speakers about ‘the lack of digital marketing strategy’ or ‘not have a strategic view of digital’ etc… and the scenario is no different, even today. The problem, i’ve identified, is not about strategy but lack of ‘digital marketing culture’ in organisations. Thanks to technology and the connected world, marketing is no longer a prerogative for a bunch of people working in a specific department or of outside consultants/vendors working for them. It is something that each and every one in the organisation can participate in. By Digital Marke…